Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two Below, Honey

It's cold here. Very very cold. Frigid, in fact. And so I am PUMPED about my upcoming trip home to Florida! Not just because I'm ruminating on the relative warmth...I'm also extremely excited about seeing mi familia.

Every year I make a point to go home for Christmas. I've just gotta go. Nothing will hold me back. If I can't take off for work, I quit (yes, I am highly mature). If the plane tickets cost $1,800 for both me and Josh, I pay it off over the next 5 months (yes, this has happened before). I simply must go. It's the one time of year that my whole family comes together, even if Little and Pedro are only there for a nanosecond (Christmas Eve and Day, like last year).

This year, everyone will be there. Me and Mr. LaPamf (aka Josh). My sisters KK and The Little, and their significant others Ben and Pete. My parents, Mamasita and Dade. My grandma Mimi. And this year everyone will be there for a whole week!! Whoo hoo!! It will be a whole week of weirdo cookie-making contests (most psychadelic, anyone? How about "most fishy"?), cheesy Christmas movie watching, luminaria-making, last-minute Christmas shopping, searching nooks and crannies for an appropriate white elephant gift (which, per the rules, must come from somewhere within the house...one year I got a shoe phone. Remember those?), cracker-snapping, and laughing over the absolutely bizarre stocking stuffers. Oh, the stocking stuffers. I have some doozies for this year.

I can't wait. I CAN'T WAIT! But I must. Because between now and Sunday when we leave I must finish the 3-yard-long handspun/handwoven scarf for Alison, make a homemade ornament for...uh...tonight's guild Christmas party, warp the loom again and weave another present, spin 2 yarns for another gift and maybe some sock yarn for myself (who am I kidding??), finish shopping for my dad and stepmom and mail their package, mail Josh's family's packages, finish worshipping the Patrick Green carder I have on loan and return it (sob!) , and...I think that's it? Wow. Turns out the trip will really be a vacation after all!