Friday, August 19, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Basket o' Fun Morph

Day One:

Much of what I spun in its original form. From top left: Rambouillet, Hobbledehoy ArtBatt, braid of silk, handful of kid mohair locks from Kai Mohair, 1 lb. of Gulf Coast Native wool.

Day Six:

TdF11 Basket o' Fun - Day 6

Starting to morph! Gulf Coast Native and Rambouillet have been carded, mohair and ArtBatt have been spun, silk still in original form.

Day Twenty-three:

TdF11 - Day 23 - Last Day

All the finished yarns. Fibers from the Basket o' Fun have been spun, plus a skein of white Targhee, another ArtBatt, a braid of superwash merino from Cloudlover fibers, and the "get it off my bobbin so I can start spinning the good stuff" pink navajo-ply. In the middle is the bobbin of alpaca/feathers that I was working on at the close of the Tour.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tour de Fleece Days 12-21

Oh, hi. What the heck happened here? Did I forget to post about the end of the Tour? How...different. ;)

Let's see.

DAY 12
TdF11 - Day 12

More silk! Neverending silk!

DAY 13
TdF11 - Day 13

The silk ended after all. Whew. 238 yards, 1 oz., laceweight.

DAY 14
TdF11 - Day 14

After days of spinning silk, it was so refreshing to spin a quick bulky two ply from some gorgeous handpainted superwash Merino top from Cloudlover. Colorway is Crusoe.

DAY 15

TdF11 - Day 15

And then I took a break from sitting in my hotter-than-Hades apartment and headed to the Colorado Renaissance Festival with friends. Naturally I dressed up. And spun on my spindle. :) Here I'm spinning some hand-combed Rambouillet top.

DAY 16
TdF - Day 16

Targhee, spun on my finally-fixed Victoria. Notice I got carried away shooting the breeze with the neighbors and forgot to move the yarn-guide on a regular basis. Fail.

DAY 17

TdF11 - Day 17 (rest day)

Technically this was a Rest Day. But I did do a little carding. These loco batts have a little bit of everything from my scrap basket. Too bad my camera does not understand red. "Red? Does not compute. PINK!!!!!!!!!"

DAY 18
TdF11 - Day 18

Towards the end of the Tour, yarns were really coming together. Here's the finished yarn I started on Day 15. I was so happy with it. I think I'll be knitting some sort of little baby sweater for a friend from this lovely. 208 yards.

DAY 19
TdF11 - Day 19

The finished yarn from Day 16! So smooshtastic. Targhee wool, 461 yards, laceweight.

DAY 20
TdF11 - Day 20

This was a fun, quick spin! It's another corespun Hobbledehoy ArtBatt. Only about 60 yards, but uberbulky, with interesting textures.

DAY 21
TdF11 - Day 21

This pic is terrible, so I made sure it was small. It's hand-dyed alpaca with feathers inserted willy-nilly. I'm not sure how I feel about it, so I didn't get all gung-ho and finish it before the end of the Tour.

After Day 21, I kind of pooped out. I spent the next couple of days attending a wedding and then recovering from said wedding, and so my last photo was of the Basket o' Fun. I've decided to let the Basket o' Fun have its own special post. It's pretty cool to see it morph.