Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still in Shock. But a Good Kind of Shock.

Uh, guys?

I bought a loom today. A LOOM. A maple eight-shaft Baby Wolf. With stroller. And an extra reed.

I blame Stephanie. She was with me today at Shuttles' 18th birthday sale (15% off everything!) and was a complete enabler. Of course, I'd been saving for this moment ever since I took my first weaving class two years ago. I knew I wanted an 8-shaft Baby Wolf. So I kept an eye out on Craigslist and an ear out in my Guild...for two years. After telling this to Stephanie (who knows about such things), she confirmed my suspicion: eight-shaft looms just don't come up for resale very often. Usually they're snapped up very quickly.

That did it. I gathered my courage and waited my turn in the long birthday-sale line. Upon reaching Judy (who'd been my weaving instructor for multiple classes), I announced that I'd decided to buy a loom. She was so happy for me, gave me a hug, and rang me up. My heart stopped for a sec, but I reminded myself again about the money I'd saved for this very moment, and that buying a loom was inevitable anyway. That calmed me down a bit, and I went back into the secret bat-cave area where Sara was taking loom & wheel orders. And I ordered my loom. And it was good.

It should be another month before it comes in, so I have time to figure out where exactly I'm going to put it. Who needs a kitchen table, anyway?

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