Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Estes Park Wool Market Announcement!

So as it turns out, I'll be the superintendent at this year's Estes Park Wool Market Handspun Yarn Contest!  Wahoo!!  It was an interesting turn of events that led me to this position, but I am pumped and rarin' to go! 

Prior to the publishing of this year's standards, the standards committee (me, Jill Graham - this year's judge, Sue Dowgiert, Barb Day, and Maggie Casey) tried to hash out what spinners in our area wanted out of a contest.  We decided to vastly expand the categories, which now includes a whopping 23 classes, in order to cater to both modern and traditional spinners.  I am so excited about this expansion, y'all.  It means that you are no longer banned from having a little glitz in the skein (two categories now allow glitz!).  It means that people who really enjoy spinning cellulose-only yarns can enter this year.  It takes - in essence - a HUGE leap in encouraging creative spinning.  Hooray!!

If you are a spinner and are planning to attend the festival, PLEASE enter your gorgeous skeins!  That's plural!  We're looking forward to an amazing contest this year, complete with some great prizes.  And I mean great.  :)

The website can be tricky to navigate, so if you click here and scroll down to Skein Contest Information, you can find the standards (plus entry form and judging form).  You only need one Entry Form (please sign it at the bottom), but be sure to print multiple judging forms, if you're entering multiple skeins...each skein needs a judging form attached to it with strong thread, such as perle cotton.  The cost for entry is $3 a skein. 

Have questions about the contest?  I've answered a number of them on Ravelry in this thread.  If you don't use Ravelry or have any other questions, just leave a comment!  I'd be happy to answer. 

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