Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 5

FINISHED! With the mohair boucle of crazy! 121 yards.

TdF11 Day 5 - Mohair Boucle Yarn

Gosh, it feels good to say that. Finished. Yay. Not that I didn't enjoy the process, it's just a long one, and I kept screwing up. First, I had to tease apart all the mohair, which took awhile. Then I spun the singles from the cloud, so that tends to mean fighting the fiber a bit. Mistake #1: spinning the singles Z instead of S. Then I plied with a commercial 80/20 angora/silk weaving yarn. Mistake #2: not putting in enough twist in this first S ply. Then I tried to add the binder thread by spinning Z again, effectively cabling the yarn. Unfortunately, without a huge amount of twist in the first round of plying, most of the neat boucle effect began to even out. This wouldn't have been as noticeable if I hadn't spun the singles in the wrong direction, but what can you say. Dang. So I cut off what I'd done so far and sent the first round of plying back through the wheel, adding more twist. Turns out it still wasn't quite enough twist, but by this time I'd had it, and just cabled the whole thing with the tencel binder thread.

Oh, well. Still looks pretty cool. Might use this for weaving.

TdF11 Day 5 - Mohair Boucle Yarn

Mileage check-in: 252 yards spun & plied


Michelle said...

Hey, I recognize that banister! Turned out gorgeous.

Nicole said...

Hey, thanks! And the banister has come in pretty handy, I must say!