Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Days 6 - 11

Uh, whoops! Forgot to post for a few days there!

Day 6
TdF11 - Day 6

Corespun Hobbledehoy ArtBatt. We're talking soft wools, locks, bling, and angora spun around a cotton core. My favorite! About 40 yards, I think.

Day 7
TdF11 - Day 7

Finally started spinning my challenge yarn that counts towards both Team Raw Power! and Team A Spinner's Study. This is a singles yarn from Gulf Coast Native wool, which I processed from raw fleece. For Team Raw Power!, you must process 1 lb. of raw fleece into yarn. For Team A Spinner's Study, I'm doing Challenge #1, which is to spin a wool breed (or any fiber, I s'pose) which is new to me. Gulf Coast Native sheep are native to northwest Florida! They were brought there by Spanish settlers (think St. Augustine) and gradually adapted to their surroundings. The wool is moderately soft...soft enough for the blanket I'm planning (I think), but should hold up better than the ridiculously soft stuff. Nice to spin some yarn with some teeth.

Day 8
TdF11 -  Day 8

Here we have the first plied skein of Gulf Coast Native wool. Whoo hoo! About 180 yards.

Day 9
TdF11 - Day 9

Silk spinning from bombyx silk combed top. Yeah. I'm crazy. This skein is going to be eensy. Maybe I'll weave with it!

Day 10

Day of Rest from the Tour! However, I didn't rest...this was my LYS's spin-in day. So I went to that and spun more silk, which would be a boring photo.

Day 11
TdF11 - Day 11

The silk spinning goes on! But I also finished my second skein of the GCN fleece. Whoopity whoop!

And just for reference, here is a pic of the Basket o' Fun as it looked on Day 7:

TdF11 Basket o' Fun - Day 6

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